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Packing for Walt Disney World

You've planned you trip to Walt Disney World Orlando and now it's time to think about what you’ll need to pack. Orlando Airport Transportation is able to offer our passengers a great airport shuttle service to Walt Disney World. In this blog we’ll offer some great packing tips to make that step a bit easier. 

There are a lot of us that tend to over pack, so let’s make sure you pack all the right things. Because the last thing that you want is to have left something important at home. It’s important to remember that you’re going to be able to purchase pretty much anything you could ever need while you’re here in Florida.

Tips for Packing 

Orlando Airport Transportation wants to make sure that you need to pack all important documents in your carry-on. This is because you should never pack important documents in checked bags. These important documents and items might include; passports, tickets, medications, etc. See more suggestions listed below are items for your day at Walt Disney World.

  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Phone
  • Sandals
  • Bathing suite
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Battery pack
  • Jackets & umbrellas
  • Sunscreen
  • Aloe Vera

The above list are just some items that we think you’ll need during the day while you’re at Walt Disney World. Another tip might be good to try and find a place to take a break from the sun and the heat and drink lots of water. You can prevent any sunstroke and give your body a much needed break, it gets very hot here in Florida! 

This is why we recommend that you pack and be prepared for the day with everything that you might need. That way you can have the most magical time at the most magical place, Disney World Orlando! There are quite a lot of theme parks to choose from at and each one offering a new and exciting experience. 

Theme Parks To Visit 

Walt Disney World is the most magical place on Earth and that's for a good reason! Did you know that there are actually six theme parks to choose from? Of course each one will bring magic and excitement to your vacation, but how do you choose just one? Each of the theme parks listed below offers guests something an exciting day filled with Disney magic. Meet all of your favorite Disney Characters, ride all the rides and have some treats! 

Purchasing your ticket is easy and should be done in advance. However, there are some things to consider, depending on how many days you plan on visiting and if you want to have passes for more than one day. For example, a one day pass means you can choose one of the above parks, a two day pass means two parks. Make sure you visit the Walt Disney World website to view the packages on the Disney website and also learn more about how it all works.

Orlando Airport Transportation is able to offer daily Disney World limousine services to and from the theme park of your choice. You will be able to arrange to be picked up and dropped off each day that you plan on visiting. Orlando Airport Transportation has processional chauffeurs are able to shuttle you to your hotel or resort and we can also include child seats upon request.

Disney World Limousine Service 

Making your reservation has never been easier with Orlando Airport Transportation. Passengers can experience a luxury airport limousine service to and from all the international and regional airports. One of the most popular airports that many arrive at is the Orlando International Airport (MCO), it’s in a very central location making it easy to travel to various locations. It’s a popular airport for this visiting Walt Disney World, but we also offer service to and from others in the area.

Orlando Airport Transportation is your Walt Disney World airport shuttle service. All you have to do now is select the vehicle that you think will suite your needs and the size of your group. Do you need assistance choosing the right vehicle, or have any other questions? Please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives.

Book your airport limo with us! You can contact Orlando Airport Transportation at anytime either by phone at 1 (800) 677-3751, or by email at info@orlandoairporttransportation.com. You can also find us on Facebook, send us a message there as well and we will be happy to help you there as well! We can't wait to see you here in Orlando soon!