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Places to Eat in Orlando

 Monday, January 17, 2022     Erin      Orlando Attractions Airport Transportation

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Restaurants in Orlando Florida

There are a lot of places to eat in Orlando that you won’t easily forget and that offer a variety of choices. When you’re on vacation one important thing is to know where to eat and we hope that this guide might help. Of course you’re going to need transportation and that’s where we can help, Orlando Airport Transportation offers a private luxury limousine service around Orlando.

We have put together a helpful list of restaurants around Orlando. These are places to eat in Orlando when you’re visiting us next. From Disney Springs to award wining chefs, you can have the most unique experiences right here in Orlando.

Places to Eat in Orlando

JALEO at Disney Springs
Location: 1482 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Contact: (321) 348-3211
Award-winning Chef José Andrés brings the sprit of Spain to Orlando with his incredible restaurant, Jaleo. With offerings such as tapes, savoury paellas cooked over a wood fire, and an excellent selection of Spanish wines and hand crafted cocktails. Jaleo is located in Disney Springs and is the biggest location to date. This is a restaurant that offers such a beautifully unique experience we know you’ll never forget.

Morimoto Asia
Location: 1600 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Contact: (407) 939-6686
Welcome to Iron Chef Morimoto’s first pan-Asian restaurant, located at Disney Springs. Here you can enjoy a menu that features dishes from Japan, China, Korea and Thailand. All the dishes have Chef Morimoto’s “signature twist.”

The Pub Orlando
Location: 9101 International Drive, Orlando, FL
If you enjoy British hospitality and American style food, this is the pub to try. At The Pub Orlando you can choose from their gastropub style menu that includes classic pub fare and their signature fish-n-chips, as well as salads, burgers, sandwiches and other classic dishes. The pub is located two blocks from the Orange County Convention and has room to accommodate most groups.

Ole Red
Location: 8417 International Drive, Orlando, FL 
Contact: (321) 430-1200
Experience the Ole Red, located in the heart of Orlando Florida. Here you can enjoy American fare and live music! “Ole Red gets its name from Blake Shelton’s breakout hit, “Ol’ Red”, and being here is a lot like hanging out with the guy himself: laid-back and genuine, up for anything, a bit irreverent (but always fun)—and set to great music.”

7593 Chophouse
Location: 7593 Gathering Drive, Kissimmee, FL
Contact: (407) 396-5273
This is the premier steakhouse located at Reunion Resort & Golf Club. They offer a menu that is based on the concept of seven incredible sides, rice savoury enhancements, a selection of nine proteins and three sushi roll. 7593 Steakhouse also offers a selection of signature cocktails and wine pairings.

Private Limousine Service with Orlando Airport Transportation

Why not use a private shuttle service while you’re visiting Orlando? There are places to eat in Orlando and getting around an unfamiliar city can be stressful. Plus if you’re going to be trying the wine menus, it’s best to be safe and let us do the driving.

Here at Orlando Airport Transportation we offer a great selection of vehicles that can accommodate small to large groups. With our luxury vehicles ranging from sedans to coach buses and everything in between. Not only can we deliver you to the restaurant of your choice, but we can also help you get to and from the airport with our private airport shuttle service.

You’re able to book your ride using our website anytime as well as by giving us a call toll free at 1 (800) 677-3751 or email us at info@orlandoairporttransportation.com. All of us at Orlando Airport Transportation are looking forward to meeting you soon and helping to make you’re experience in Orlando a good one.

The Disney Wish: Adult Escapes

 Tuesday, December 21, 2021     Erin      Cruise Ships  Airport Transportation

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The Disney Wish

The creators at Disney Cruise Line have made sure there's an entire experience for adults-only on the Disney Wish. Disney cruises aren’t just for the kids anymore. However, there are endless magical experiences for kids to discover, there are lots of places that are just for the adults. Learn more about how you can have a memorable cruise vacation and how we can get you there with our private shuttle service

Disney has designed areas where adults can escape to where they can dine, relax and have an immersive and magical experience. The Disney Wish has really helped this come to life. This is Disney’s newest ship to join the fleet and it really is a unique and magical place.

“From upscale restaurants and sophisticated lounges to an expansive pool area.” This is the kind of vacation that you and your friends will never forget. You really have to experience it for yourself and we know this will be an unforgettable vacation.

Orlando Airport Transportation specializes in private luxury airport transportation and also cruise ship terminal shuttle service. With our fleet of vehicles we’re able to accommodate small to large groups. Our vehicles range from sedans to coach buses, but more on that later. Let’s look at how the Disney Wish has a whole relax and retreat area just for you.

Relax, Dine & Retreat

The Disney Wish has designed an “onboard oasis” for their adult guests. This oasis features a stunning infinity pool, bar and poolside lounge. The area is dedicated to “savouring drinks and soaking up the sun.”

The adult pool area is located on the upper deck away from the family areas that are busy. This area is also separate from the family activity areas as well, so you really feel like you’re in a different world.

There are also adult-only dining areas that you can visit while you on the Disney Wish. You can visit the Palo Steakhouse restaurant that was inspired by Cogsworth from the Beauty and the Beast. Here you can select from premium steaks and Italian dishes.

The Palo Steakhouse is one of three new adult-only Beauty and the Beast inspired dining areas. You can also visit the Keg & Compass, a pub inspired by Norwegian folklore. The decor featured beautiful wood carving of historic Viking ships. The Keg & Compass offers three craft beers and a variety of drinks to try. You’re also able to keep up with the news and sports while you dine.

Private Shuttle Service to the Disney Wish 

This will be the trip of a lifetime and we can so excited to be the ones to meet you at the airport. Orlando Airport Transportation offers a private airport shuttle service to not only Orlando International Airport, but to all surrounding airports.

We offer a wide selection of luxury vehicles ranging from sedans, SUV’s, stretch limousines, to coach buses. Having this selection of vehicles means that we’re able to accommodate small to large groups, and we provide child seats upon request. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us either by phone or email 24/7.

Making your reservation has never been easier and can be done online at anytime. Start by filling out the form and make sure you indicate what type of vehicle you require. All of us at Orlando Airport Transportation look forward to seeing you soon and helping to make sure your vacation starts off stress free and in luxury! 

Disney Cruise Line's Updated COVID-19 Protocols

 Wednesday, December 15, 2021     Erin      Orlando Attractions Cruise Ships

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Updated COVID-19 Protocols

Disney Cruise Line has updated it’s COVID-19 protocols since we last post about this back in July. It’s important to stay up to date with these protocols because they can affect your travel plans.

The world has changed a lot since March 2020 and Disney Cruise Line has continued to keep up to date with it’s protocols. We want to make sure that you’re aware of these updated protocols and what to expect when you’re planning your next cruise vacation.

While we are making sure to keep you updated on the changes, it’s also important to check the Disney Cruise Line website incase things change again. At Orlando Airport Transportation we offer a luxury airport shuttle service. Our shuttle service offers service to and from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and to the other international and regional airports.

Disney Cruise Line’s COVID-19 Protocols 

As we mentioned, we did write about Disney’s COVID-19 protocols back in July. This was when the cruise industry was preparing to start their service. In this latest update, which was posted to their website in November states that all passengers must be vaccinated.

“Disney Cruise Line continues to require all vaccine-eligible Guests (based on US eligibility requirements) to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, as defined by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at the time of sailing.”

Vaccination is required for guests who are 5 years of age and older that are planning on sailing beginning January 13th 2022. “Guests who are not vaccine-eligible because of age must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result (paid for by the Guest) taken between 3 days and 24 hours before their sail date.”

Guests who are between the ages of 5-11 can complete testing requirements instead of being fully vaccinated for sailing before January 13th 2022. While passengers who are 4 years of age and younger have to have completed testing. Please also note that rapid antigen tests are not accepted on Disney Cruise Lines.

It’s true that a lot has changed on Disney Cruise Lines, but they have some new and fantastic entertainment and a new ship, the Disney Dream. They are making sure that you’re Disney experience is still the most magical and memorable.

They have original shows and new ones in their lavish Walt Disney Theatre. Plus you and your family can interact with characters throughout the ship. While still making sure that the health and safety of both guests and crew members are their number one priority.

Disney’s Five Step Health & Safety Measures

Disney’s approach to making sure the health and safety of their guests, crew members and cast members comes in five steps. Each step promotes their health and safety measures in a simple to understand way.

  • Health & Wellness
  • Enhanced Cleaning
  • Innovative Technology
  • Crew Member Training
  • Working Together

Each one of these measures will help everyone navigate their time on the ship and ensure everyone is safe and healthy. We know things have changed a lot but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a magical vacation with the ones we love. It’s now about also keeping ourselves and those around us healthy and happy!

Transportation to Disney Cruise Line Terminal

Now that we’ve gone over the updated Disney Cruise Line COVID-19 protocols we can take some time to talk about your transportation to the cruise port. At Orlando Airport Transportation we offer a private luxury airport limousine service.

We offer a wide selection of luxury vehicles with professional chauffeurs that are familiar with the area. You can have peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to worry about diving in an unfamiliar pace. If you need help choosing the right vehicle we can help, just contact us online, by email or call us 24/7.

Making your reservation has never been easier and can of course, be done online at anytime. We have vehicles that can accommodate groups from two to 50 passengers. Plus our vehicles are well maintained and clean. This is the way to start your vacation, try our airport shuttle service next time you’re in Orlando.

Cruise Ship Packing Tips

 Friday, November 26, 2021     Erin      Orlando Attractions Cruise Ships  Packing Tips

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Packing Tips For Your Next Cruise

At Orlando Airport Transportation we have some great packing tips for your next cruise, but what do you even need to pack? If this is your first cruse you might have a lot of questions and we would too! It’s important to make sure that you don’t forget any important documents as well as the essentials.

When you’re packing for your cruise it’s important to not over pack. This blog will go over some important things to remember when you're packing. We also recommend that you don’t pack last minute, so you can avoid forgetting important documents that might prevent you from getting on the plane to getting on the ship.

Getting to the cruise port from the airport is also another thing you’re going to have to think about. At Orlando Airport Transportation we are able to provide you with a private luxury ground transportation service. Our private car service is able to accommodate most groups sizes, but we’ll go over that at the end. For now, let’s talk about packing and get excited about this cruise you’re going on!

Being Organized for your Cruise

There’s nothing worse than be unorganized while packing for any trip. When you’re really organized for your trip you can start to make lists of what you’ll need to bring. This way you can avoid forgetting to pack something important. We’ve all been there, you arrive to your destination and realize that you forgot that one thing you told yourself you wouldn’t forget.

Lists can really help avoid forgetting things, since you can check items off as you pack them. You might also want to make sure you have all your documents in a file that will be easy access and place in your carry-on. Some of these documents will include your passport, proof of vaccination or exemption, COVID-19 test (most cruise lines require a negative test before boarding), credit cards, car keys, travel documents, etc.

Try Packing Less 

Somehow a lot of us seem to over pack and then we don’t even use half the stuff we brought with us. So we need to try and pack less, its recommended that you lay out all the clothes you want to bring with you and then only pack half of what you’ve laid out. This also goes for shoes, how is it that we can pack so many shoes we don’t actually need.

Most cruise ships do offer a laundry service, so if for some chance you do need to have some clothes washed, you can. These services usually come with a fee, so make sure you are aware of the ships fees before sending your laundry off. That way there won’t be any surprises on your bill when you disembark.

How to Pack Carry-On Luggage

When you pack less you might be able to fit everything for the cruise into your carry-on. But some of us need both a carry-on and a checked bag, and that’s ok. You should make sure that you’ve placed all those important documents in your carry-on so they are easily accessed.

It’s been recommended that you should also consider putting a change of clothes in your carry-on as well. You might also want to pack all valuable items in your carry-on as well, such as jewelry, medications, electronics and whatever else you feel should be kept safe and with you at all times.

Packing and Saving Space

A lot of the time we just throw things into our bag and hope it’ll all fit. This can lead to over packing or using up more room than needed. Consider rolling your clothes, when you roll your clothes you’re creating more space for more. It can also be a lot of fun, which is never a bad thing.

If you’re also trying to pack with only a carry-on, you’ll be able to ensure there’s enough room. We still recommend that you cut down and take less. Don’t you find that when you’re on a vacation you seem to wear the same few things the whole time? Plus, you might end up doing some shopping and you’ll need the extra space!

However, on a cruise we are aware that you need to take some formal clothes, so take care in rolling them. Since most ships offer the laundry service you should be able to have your clothes ironed.

Transportation to The Cruise Ship Terminal 

You’re all packed and ready to go! The only thing you now need to plan for is how you’re getting from the airport to your cruise port. Orlando Airport Transportation can help you get to your cruise ship terminal with our private luxury ground transportation service.

We offer a wide selection of luxury vehicles that come with a professional chauffeur. Our private luxury car service will get you to and from all the major airports in the Orlando and Port Canaveral area. Making sure you get to your cruise port in a comfortable and stress free is our goal.

Making your reservation with us is easy and can be done online at anytime. You can also contact us over the phone at 1 (800) 677-3751, or by email at info@orlandoairporttransportation.com. All of us at Orlando Airport Transportation are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Transportation to/from Orlando International Airport

 Monday, November 15, 2021     Erin      Orlando Airport

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Orlando International Airport

Welcome to Orlando, Florida! One of the busiest airports in the country is the Orlando International Airport (MCO). Whether you’re on a trip for business or for fun you’re going to need transportation to and from the airport.

At Orlando Airport Transportation we offer a great selection of private luxury vehicles that come with professional drivers. Our shuttle service operates 24/7 allowing our passengers to not stress about getting to their next destination after a long flight.

Orlando International Airport is located 12 miles (19kms) southwest from downtown Orlando. Which is very convent since Orlando is one of Florida’s premier vacation destination locations. There’s always something to do here, whether that’s visiting a theme park, shopping, golfing, trying new restaurants and more!

Private Luxury Transportation

At Orlando Airport Transportation we offer a private luxury ground transportation service to and from all the major airports in the area. While MCO is the 10th busiest in the country, there are many other airports where we offer our service to and from. The airports are a mixture of regional and International, offering service to passengers from all over the world.

Orlando International Airport sees as many as 850 daily flights on as many as 44 different airlines. As well as international destinations, the airport sees 135 domestic flights as well. Getting to the airport is easy when you travel with us, we make sure you arrive to the airport in luxury and comfort. If you have any questions about our service our customer service representatives would be happy to help. Getting in contact with us is easy and can be done online or over the phone at anytime.

Making Your Reservation with Orlando Airport Transportation

When it comes to getting to the airport we know that this can be a challenge for some groups. Not knowing the area very well can add stress when you’re trying to navigating around. Thankfully we have professional drivers and private luxury cars that will eliminate this stress.

At Orlando Airport transportation we offer a private luxury airport transportation service with a variety of luxury vehicles ranging from sedans to coach buses. We are also able to accommodate most groups very easily. Make your reservation with us online at anytime or by phone and email.