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Since 1992, our company has gone above and beyond in providing the best possible transportation services from Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral and back. What you get with us is a peace of mind that comes from over a decade of experience in the ground transportation field. You'll see the difference when making your reservations in the way we ask you all the questions covering all the details, and following up by providing you with prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous drivers who will welcome and assist you on your journey!

During winter break, I booked a luxury car with Orlando airport transportation. Client servicing is praiseworthy.

Kate James

Got there early for our flight to Manchester but beware queues through passport checks always seem lengthy. Food options are a better range before going through passport control. We were significantly delayed getting through due to searches required after my medical device registered an alert. If wearing an insulin pump you may wish to consider applying for TSA at around $55 up front!? Also be aware that you need to catch a short journey train from the transportation centre to the gates to board your plane, so advise is to give yourselves plenty of time! Happy travelling!!

Niki S

We booked transportation for pick up in the Orlando resort to Carnival cruise ship terminal in Canaveral Florida, on FEB 2nd 2018, then transfer from the cruise ship terminal on Feb 10th 2018 to the Orlando International Airport for a party of 4 people, in a van, for the total fee of $388.00 US. We had to pay with a credit card in advance. Unfortunately the other party of people of 2 canceled the trip due to medical reason. We called the Orlando Airport transportation about the situation, the payment was reversed back to our credit card. (short notice 2 days before the trip). Orlando Airport transportation is very honest, the fee is higher but reliable.

Rachel W.

The best transportation option from airport to Port Canaveral for family of 4. Cheap and great service $46+ we gave the guy $10 tip. $56 total.

Ann P.