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New COVID-19 Requirements

Everyone has been starting to plan their vacations and this year things are a little bit different and this is due to the new COVID-19 protocols that have been put into place. Recently, Carnival Cruise Line has implemented new protocols to keep their guests and crew safe.

These new protocols will come into force on September 18th, 2021 that will require all passengers to have a vaccine passport and to be tested 3 days before embarkment. It will also be required that all passengers wear face masks in all indoor settings and enclosed spaces.

When it comes to unvaccinated passengers, they will need to have a negative test at the terminal and also be tested before boarding. Carnival will be setting up mobile testing stations to make this process easier for passengers.

Have Fun. Be Safe. COVID-19 Protocols

The “Have Fun. Be Safe.” COVID-19 protocols and procedures are how Carnival is working to make this experience an easy and fun vacation. For fully vaccinated passengers who have had their second dose in the last 14 days, will need to show proof of this upon barding.

Carnival will continue to monitor all CDC guidelines and make sure that their staff and crew are all fully vaccinated. Some of these requirements have been updated in regards to the Delta Variant.

Vaccinated and Testing Standards on Carnival

For trips departing through September 12th, fully vaccinated passengers must have been vaccinated 14 days prior to boarding, as we mentioned above. Guests are required to be tested 3 days before sailing and also at the terminal.

Vaccine proof must also be presented upon boarding, the names and dates on the vaccine record must match the passengers ID. Make sure you have these documents plus it’s recommended to have the contact information to the health unit or clinic that gave you the vaccine as well. We also say, it’s best to be fully prepared for whatever might come up. You don’t want to be ready to board and then be missing some important information. You can find all the information in greater detail on Carnivals website.

When it comes to types of vaccines it’s also important to make sure you meet the CDC requirements as well. “The CDC requires both vaccines in a 2-dose series to be of the same type. They also accept mixing mRNA vaccines only (Pfizer and Moderna). No other vaccine combination meets the criteria to be considered fully vaccinated.”

Unvaccinated Passengers

We do realize that there are reasons why some people are not vaccinated. Of course we respect all of our passengers here at Orlando Airport Transportation and we don’t require you to be fully vaccinated to ride with us. However, in some cases it’s good to know what will happen on a cruise or a vacation destination if you’re not.

When it comes to unvaccinated guest on Carnival, they have outlined it very clearly and that it’s limited to how many unvaccinated they can accommodate. It’s very important to be prepared for this and to know what you need to do in advance to boarding.

“Requirements for cruise ships to enter ports outside the U.S. continue to evolve and Carnival Cruise Line must operate in full compliance with these regulations. Vaccine exemptions for cruises to the Caribbean will be limited to a very small number of children under 12, and teens and adults with a medical condition who can provide written confirmation from their medical provider that they cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. Our sailings from Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Maryland will operate under these criteria until December 31, 2021 with the assumption that current and evolving restrictions imposed by destinations will remain in place.”

It’s also important to note that unvaccinated guests are not considered confirmed on Carnival unless you’ve received an approved exemption, this will be issued within 14 days of sailing. Also any unvaccinated guests whose exemptions that have been approved will be required to review and agree to all the restrictions and protocols listed on Carnivals website.

Transportation to Your Cruise Terminal

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the important information for your next vacation on a Carnival Cruise, you can start to plan your ground transportation to the terminal. Whether you’re being picked up at your hotel or the airport, we offer luxury transportation. Getting you where you need to go with professional drivers.

You’re able to make your reservation online at anytime and select from our list of vehicles. Our fleet ranges from sedans to coach buses, this is so we can accommodate small to large groups. We recommend you arrive a day or two before your cruise, but if you’re arrive the day of, we can make sure to deliver you to the terminal. We look forward to seeing you soon!